Akoyikoyi School in Chuuk, FSM receives RACHEL Server for offline educational content


Last week, the PISCES (Pacific Islands Schools, Connectivity, Education, and Solar) Team visited the Akoyikoyi School, located in Penia Village, on Weno Island, in Chuuk State, in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). This is a unique primary school, presently comprising grades 1-3, and operating like a charter school yet charging no fees, while focusing on community involvement to ensure long-term student success.

photo 3P1150591

We met with the Akoyikoyi Team of teacher-volunteers, principal, and director (Clark Graham). We spoke about the PISCES Team’s progress to-date and future work in developing an off-line repository for educational material to be made available to all of Chuuk’s schools.


Among other things, we demonstrated the RACHEL educational content server to the Akoyikoyi Team. The RACHEL server is an ultra-compact, ultra-low power computer (on a Raspberry Pi) preloaded with free educational content (RACHEL, from World Possible). There seemed to be a great fit for a RACHEL server at the Akyoikoyi School, as they have both electricity and technological devices (tablets) for the students to use, but no Internet connectivity (which can otherwise severely limit the usefulness of devices such as tablets). RACHEL provides an offline repository of educational content, but does still require electricity and devices to be useful.

photo 1

A few days after our initial visit, we brought a RACHEL to the Akoyikoyi School for them to keep, explore the content and how to use it, and discover what they’d like to add to the content. Pictured above is Hiro, from the iSolutions Micronesia and PISCES Team, handing the Rachel Pi over to Grace, one of Akoyikoyi’s teachers.

photo 2

This is only the first stage of what we believe will become a fruitful partnership moving forward. Not only do we hope to be able to provide the Akoyikoyi School with a greater number of more powerful devices, so that all of their students can make use of this digital technology and content, but we also look forward to their input to our team on digital content that will be valuable and primary-level appropriate, which we can add to the off-line repository for all schools in Chuuk to be able to access in the future.

photo 4

We understand that an ethnomusicologist is coming to visit the Akoyikoyi School in the near future, and it would be fantastic to be able to add some Chuukese music to the digital library!


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Laura Hosman is Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. She holds a dual position in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and in The Polytechnic School.
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3 Responses to Akoyikoyi School in Chuuk, FSM receives RACHEL Server for offline educational content

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  2. Nigel Jaynes says:

    This is so super sweet! I have been working at the FSM’s newspaper for several years now and I just LOVE to hear about people who are willing to give their time and resources to these kids of Micronesia. Anything new like this has got to be exciting for these kids. Plus I think it’s great for them to have access to nifty technology like tablets at such a young age. Hopefully it will spark something inside them and inspire a better future!

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