Preparing for our server deployment in Chuuk: RACHEL PACIFIC

In the spring semester of 2013, a team of 14 students at Illinois Institute of Technology worked on a project that would ultimately be deployed in Chuuk, in the Federated States of Micronesia. Our main tasks were 1) to prepare a server with educational content, so that schools that have computers but no Internet connection can still have access to valuable and useful content, and 2) to prepare a manual/guide/syllabus for the Peace Corps volunteers we’re working with who will be training teachers in how to use technology (in most cases for the first time). Read more about the project at our SolarCubed website.


The team of 14 students divided themselves into three sub-teams, focused on the server hardware and software, content for the server, and the training manual, respectively. A great deal of progress was made by all of the teams, and at the end of the semester, all that remained was finalizing the web-site interface we had created to make the server content more user-friendly. Below is a screen shot of the web browser interface we created.

Screen shot of our web browser interface

Screen shot of our web browser interface

However, finishing the website proved to be a monumental task, as you can perhaps tell from the mapped-out index in the photo below. What it doesn’t indicate is that some of those headings and sub-headings have hundreds of documents that needed uploading/linking from the server to the site. Students worked on it remotely when they could, during the summer months.


We also had a marathon Sunday session where three of the students and I spent the entire day uploading as much as we could. (A special thanks to Utsav Gandhi, Tameem Imamdad, and David Burchell, pictured below L-R with me in the middle, for committing their time and effort and weekend to the cause!)


A few more trips to school to reset the server (thanks again, David!) and just one additional weekend marathon later and the website was finally ready…just in time for the trip to Chuuk.


Once the site has a permanent home, I’ll provide the website link. We’re thrilled that the folks at World Possible, who created the Rachel server, will be hosting our Rachel Pacific server content on their website in short order. That link is also coming soon.

Class photo

Stay tuned for the next post from Chuuk!


About ljhosman

Laura Hosman is Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. She holds a dual position in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and in The Polytechnic School.
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