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Molex video of Haiti project: Episode 1

Molex is supporting our team’s efforts with the solar powering/Internet connectivity project in Lascahobas, Haiti, by creating videos about our work (in addition to the cables they donated that we used on-site.) This is episode 1 of 3–the others are … Continue reading

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Teacher Technology Training at the EFACAP December 15, 2011

As noted two posts prior, the teachers at the EFACAP school were so excited to get training on how to use the Internet, we set up a separate training session with them for two days later, Thursday, Dec. 15 2011. … Continue reading

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Meeting with the EFACAP school parents 12/14/11

The day after meeting with the teachers, we met with parents of the EFACAP students. As we had done the day before, we started this meeting by explaining who we were, why we were there, that we were not working … Continue reading

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